First part of Boortmalt project delivered

Van de Walle crucial player in Antwerp North Heat Network

The Antwerp North Heat Network is transporting hot water from an incinerator throughout the Antwerp northern harbour. Malthouse Boortmalt is located alongside the heat loop and counts on Van de Walle to generate hot process air from the network. This is a keen example of Van de Walles combined engineering and production knowhow.

Boortmalt knocked on Van de Walles door, in 2020, with a question: would it be possible to use the hot water to generate warm process air in very specific, detailed circumstances? An open question, with ample room for Van de Walle to calculate, design and produce precisely what Boortmalt needs. Yet, the stakes are high: process flows of about 900.000 cubic meter need to be heated. And everything should precisely fit in the existing conditions, with minimal impact on the existing processes and infrastructures. Process air should be heated from 55°C to 85°C, under changing pressure of the overall production weight. The target: reduce CO2, minimize the use of gas, further process optimization.

Van de Walle started calculating. In 2022 the production phase started. The first quarter of the installation is delivered late spring 2023. By the start of 2024, the full installation should be operational. The whole project is gigantic. Just a few figures to illustrate: 19 Megawatt thermal power, 72.000 tubes, 20 units of 18 to 20 ton each, 4 assembleys. Clearly, a large order for Van de Walle.

What lessons can be learned from the Boortmalt project? First, Van de Walle is helping the client from scratch, from the first brainstorms, combining creativity and pragmatism. Hendrik Lorré: ‘Boortmalt has a problem and needs a solution. We think, calculate, build and deliver precisely what Boortmalt needs.’ The ultimate Eureka feeling was not in the construction but rather in working out a tailormade solution. Boortmalt is beyond happy with the results, looking forward to have the full installation operational early 2024.

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