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About Van de Walle

Van de Walle process equipment, your partner ‘by excellence’

In search for tailor-made process equipment? Van de Walle process equipment is here to serve you! Heat exchangers, condensors, gas coolers, finned tubes, smoke economisers, pressure vessels, skids,… 

Van de Walle is your partner, from design and engineering to production and on-site delivery, 100 % tailored for your application!

Our added values

From A to Z

From thinking together with the client, through designing and calculating all the way to producing, testing, validating and delivering. Van de Walle stays at your side throughout the full process. 

100 % tailor-made

Every request is absolutely unique. We see it as our duty to work 100 % tailor-made to fullfil all your specific needs. No catalogue, only tailor-made solutions, from initial idea to final delivery, it’s our passion!

Experience and knowledge

We can build on our large expertise in designing, calculating, building, testing and validating. We are backed by a powerful team of engineers and skilled workers, all at your service.

Approachable and responsible

Van de Walle is a SME with a flat internal structure. As such, we can easily be approached. We react, think and work at a fast pace. 

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Heat exchangers, condensors, gas coolers, pressure vessels, skids,…: Van de Walle is your best match, from design to delivery.