Outstanding Achievement in the Potato Processing Sector !

VdWA and GEM Equipment Collaborate on World’s largest Baking Oil Heaters !

Approximately 7 months ago, VdWA was approached to design and engineer heat exchangers for a new production line in the potato processing sector. This renowned company, based in West Flanders, is currently expanding with new production facilities abroad.

The thermal designs were developed in close collaboration with GEM Equipment, a manufacturer of baking ovens based in Oregon, USA, and a subsidiary of FPS Food Process Solutions from Canada. VdWA's design incorporated all specifications and requirements from both the end customer and GEM Equipment. The result: two impressive heat exchangers, each with a capacity of 9.5 MW, among the largest of their kind Worldwide!

This project showcases technical expertise and dedication to delivering tailormade solutions in the food industry. The success of this collaboration demonstrates VdWA's ability to tackle complex challenges in the sector while maintaining high standards of quality and performance.

A big thank you to the entire team at VdWA for their valuable contribution to this ambitious project!

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