Condensors and gas coolers

Do not spill heat! Let Van de Walle build your condenser or gas cooler, made to your needs.


Do not spill heat

Energy recovery and optimal process structure

Process air flows often contain a lot of heat that gets spilled. Fortunately, this can be stopped. In an optimized process structure, regaining heat is an important step. Examples are smoke gas coolers, smoke gas condensers and economisers, process air coolers, even with finned tubes,… We can also design and produce other products, such as air-preheaters and top condensers. 

Needless to say, we take into account all your specific needs and demands, just as we consider all national and European legislation, PED- and other international directives.


Our clients and sectors

Throughout the years Van de Walle has developed a truly unique expertise in engineering and production, serving companies in different sectors, such as chemical, petrochemical, gas, food & beverage, pharma, tank cleaning, water and water purification, …

This has resulted in a steady client portfolio: companies who come back to us whenever they need tailor-made process equipment. Yet, our portfolio is growing steadily, with clients both in Belgium and abroad. Just to name a few: Arcelor, Monument Chemicals, Agristo, Rain Carbon, Boortmalt, Clarebout potatoes, Ajinomoto, Callens, McCain, …

For sure, our expertise can also serve companies in other sectors. Is your company active in another industry, with a need for tailor-made process equipment? Drop us a line, and we will eagerly help you out!










Food & beverage






Water purification

About the sectors

Our added values

From A to Z

From thinking together with the client, through designing and calculating all the way to producing, testing, validating and delivering. Van de Walle stays at your side throughout the full process.

Experience and knowledge

We can build on our large expertise in designing, calculating, building, testing and validating. We are backed by a powerful team of engineers and skilled workers, all at your service.

100 % tailor-made

Every request is absolutely unique. We see it as our duty to work 100 % tailor-made to fullfil all your specific needs. No catalogue, only tailor-made solutions, from initial idea to final delivery, it’s our passion!

Approachable and responsible

Van de Walle is an SME with a flat internal structure. As such, we can easily be approached. We react, think and work at a fast pace.