Orbital welding

A robot with precision and patience

Imagine you have to weld thousands of circular tube seams: it’s a job with precision that can take its time. Van de Walle found the perfect solution for this tedious task: it bought 3 orbital welding machines from Polysoude. 100 % perfect welding guaranteed! But what precisely is orbital welding?

Human welders are craftsmen, no doubt about that. But they remain humans and – hence – can make mistakes. Take orbital welding, or circular welding. A typical example is a heat exchanger, which is packed with circular tubes. Each end of these tubes must be welded. This job can perfectly be performed by an orbital welding robot. As a start, all parameters and settings for the welding must be entered into the machine: a job that has to be done by an experienced human welder. As soon as these parameters are entered, the robot can start its repetitive job. Every welding will be performed with utmost precision and endless patience. You know for 100% sure that every welding will have the qualitative standards needed. Not a single exception!

In 2022 Van de Walle bought 3 such orbital welding robots from Polysoude. Polysoude can be seen as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the welding machines. It can weld without quality compromises.

But hold on, does this welding robot imply the end of the human welder? Far from that! The expertise and experience of the human welder are needed to enter all parameters needed. Examples are energy consumption, position of the welding torch, duration of the welding, … In other words, the human welder provides his expertise to the robot.

In the world of heat exchangers, orbital welding is a standard procedure. Thanks to the purchase of 2 orbital welding machines, Van de Walle can no doubt be called the quality reference in orbital welding. An expertise many clients can benefit from.