Fast and efficient: everything is possible at Van de Walle!

An entrepreneur from West Flanders expanding its business into northern France, asked Van de Walle to be partner for the design of the P&ID and the calculation of energy balances for an ERS (Energy Recovery System). This eventually resulted in an order for the design and production of 7 heat exchangers.

For this client, two elements were extremely important: time and energy savings. Two crucial elements for which Van de Walle Apparatenbouw is the ideal partner!
Early May, we were able to complete the study and promised to deliver these 7 units during the first week of July. And that promise was definitely kept: on July 7 everything was loaded and delivered!

What seems to be a mission impossible for many, becomes a challenge for Van de Walle where we can deploy our team with great enthusiasm! Congratulations to the complete team!!