Energy efficient baking fume condenser

Years of experience and expertise

A few months ago, a potato processing company from the southern Netherlands knocked on Van de Walle's door to supply an energy efficient baking fume condenser.

Van de Walle can already count on years of experience and expertise within the production of these kinds of energy efficient heat exchangers, so we started working on this with great enthusiasm! 

The baking fume condenser designed, produced and delivered by Van de Walle has two major advantages. 
First of all, a large part of the energy coming from baking fumes can be recovered. This ensures that the potato processing company can save a lot of energy, which is highly valued within the industry these days!
But that's not the only advantage: the baking fume condenser also ensures that odour nuisance caused by baking fumes can be significantly reduced.

So it's not surprising Van de Walle is very proud to be partner for the production of this impressive device! 

Some impressive technical specifications 

  • Length: 10,5 metres
  • Diameter: 1,3 metres
  • Weight: 13,5 ton
  • More than 1400 tubes provide energy exchange

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